dEUS - How To Replace It

Video clip for Deus song : How to replace it.

Written and directed by Tom Barman Co-directed by Jonas Govaerts Director of Photography: Renaat LambeetsProduced by LandvogelVFX and Virtual Production: The Pack VFX and AI technology: Uncanny Band management: Musickness Label: [PIAS] Executive producers: Yannick Verdonck, Thomas Cassiers  Producers: Sharon Lavaert, Christophe Six BaggermanAssistant producers: Bart Broos, Sarah Rastelli Post production supervisor: Glenn Renard 1st AC / focus puller: Friso Pas, Krispijn Tant Gaffer: Ken Sody, Korneel Moeyaert Best boy: Saco D'Hondt On set keying and playout: Hans Anthuenis Set dresser: Enya Pannecoucke Stylist: Fran Labarque,  Fiona Rombaut Styling assistant: Alise Anna Dzirnieci Hair and make-up: Aoife Dewandeleer, Léonie Gysels, Madona Iremashvili Make-up special effects: Nora Van Laer Location manager: Imana Van ElzenAnimal handler: Walter Verhoeven Film editor: Glenn Renard Additional editing by Ina De Vos, Els VoorspoelsGreenkey compositing: Wout Tengrootenhuysen Grading: Erwin Van Der Stappen Sound design: Glenn Renard Online editor: Glenn Renard dEUS Tom Barman, Klaas Janzoons, Alan Gevaert, Stéphane Misseghers, Mauro PawlowskiDrummer girl: Lola (assisted by Barbara Peremans)Matriarch: Greet Rouffaer String quartet Patricia Vanneste, Esther Coorevits, Vanessa Salamon, Jolien DeleyWoman vacuuming: Grietje TrochTHE PACK Preproduction: Sarah Van Dijk VFX supervisor on set: Rik De Lausnay VFX producer: Jan Hameeuw VFX assistance on set: Sarah Van Dijk Corentin Clays VFX previs supervision: Donat Van Bellinghen 3D artists: Corentin Clays, Kevin Adams, Julien Schanen  Compositing: Stergiou Kosmas, Herman Germeijs, Romy Cools Online: Robin Van den Acker, Naré Nahapetyan Production management: Katrien Carton Production assistance: Florence D’Haeyer Post producer: Nicolaas Christian Marketing & communication: Tom Verbeek MUSICKNESS Creative & digital management: Fien DemanManagement: Christian Pierre, Ilka BardijnUNCANNYVFX producer Jeff Luyten, Sam De MulderAI artists: Sam De Mulder, Jade Daneels, Gerrit Van GoethemLead compositor: Gerrit Van Goethem3D artist: Yannick Van den Bergh2D artists: Philippe Hosselet, Jade DaneelsCamera Rental: The Movie Lot Special effects: Divi-divi Catering: Somethingscooking, Clo Technical support: ASP Group Studio facilities: AED Studios, PNP Studios Production equipment: Box Rentals Production insurance: Circles Group, BCOH Set photography: Dorith Govaerts, Lucinde WahlenA VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL CAST AND EXTRASThanks to Sabam for Culture for the support

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